10 Compelling Reasons to Replace Performance Management with Performance Coaching

1. Performance coaching centers on a person’s potential.

Most people resist being managed.

No one likes being told what to do. People like to be mentored and coached. Performance management tends to be around what employees need to improve, not on helping them grow so they can improve.

2. Performance coaching gives people a clear path to growth.

Most people like being developed.

Employees are people. In almost every profession, people want to learn and grow. A job can be exciting when the potential to learn and grow is evident.

3. Performance coaching encourages personal and professional growth.

Leaders who coach consistently elicit better results.

Leaders who coach see tangible results because their people enjoy their jobs and want to perform as they reach the goals they have set for themselves personally and for their company.

4. Performance coaching instills a feeling of belonging.

Coaching instills an ownership mindset.

People who feel ownership in their company perform better because they like what they do. They know they are an integral part of a whole and that what they do makes a difference.

5. Performance coaching leads to a happy workplace.

Coaching builds trust and mutual respect.

Leaders who coach are respected and loved. Coaching leads to employees who want to come to work because they enjoy their job and look forward to what’s next based on the results they create.

6. Performance coaching leads to creativity and more innovation.

 Telling people what to do stifles their creativity.

Performance management is about telling people what they should and should not do. This stifles creative thought and innovation.

7. Performance coaching is more fun than performance management.

Developing people is more fun than solving their problems for them.

Managers are people too and coaching is a lot more fun. When everyone feels part of a healthy team, companies flourish.

8. Performance coaching makes jobs more fun.

Coaching empowers people to find their own best solutions.

When people thrive, they need less “management”. They think and act creatively.

9. Performance coaching companies and organizations grow.

Coaching stimulates a growth mindset.

10. Performance coaching helps improve the bottom line.

Management reinforces a fixed mindset.

A fixed mindset leads to stagnation and entropy. If a company or organization is full of people who don’t grow, they won’t grow. Performance coaching creates a thriving group of people all working to improve themselves and their organization.

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