Performance coaching is not only the most important leadership skill, it is the most misunderstood.

Seasoned  leaders who have been leading organizations for years are shocked when they discover what performance coaching really is, and how much more effective it is than the typical management and communication skills on which they’ve relied. 

Why & How Coaching Elicits Vertical Development in People

Coaching is powerful because it elicits a special kind of development in people, what leadership experts call vertical development- the upgrading of a person’s actual thinking capability. This video explains how coaching develops thinking capabilities, and how that drives employee engagement and accountability, which is critical for leaders and organizations that want to succeed in our complex world.

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Leaders learn that performance coaching motivates and engages  their employees in ways they didn’t believe possible.

For a more detailed video to learn what performance coaching is, and what it is not, view the video below. You’ll begin to understand why so many seasoned leaders say “I wish I had learned how to coach 30 years ago!”

Why & How Coaching Transforms Leaders & Cultures