Transform Organizations Using Coach2Lead

“Coach2Lead is the most flexible and impactful program I have found to help organizations improve performance and create a workplace culture where all employees can flourish.”
~ Susan Alexander, Owner- Rosebud Coaching & Consulting and Licensed Coach2Lead Facilitator

Top 5 Reasons Coaches & Consultants License Coach2Lead

1. Teaching coaching as a leadership skill is in hot demand

  • Manager’s inability to coach is recognized as the #1 problem facing business today
  • Coaching is a hot topic that opens doors to organizations of all sizes and types

2. Leaders who coach create results

  • Senior leaders who coach and develop their people and who hold their people accountable for coaching and developing their people generate 3X business results
  • Coaching has significant positive effects on performance and skills, well-being, coping, work attitudes, and goal-directed self-regulation

3. Cultures of coaching are cultures of engagement and human flourishing

  • Organizations committed to coaching as a leadership style create ownership and accountability at all levels
  • Coaching unleashes the creativity and innovation of people at all levels

4. Coach2Lead is a proven, turn-key solution

  • Successfully deployed across all types of organizations
  • Blended learning embeds coaching as a primary leadership approach
  • Scalable solution uniquely designed for global/virtual situations

5. Coach2Lead is flexible

  • Easily customized to your brand and/or your clients brand
  • Built to be delivered stand-alone or as part of a larger offering
  • Can be easily and impact fully delivered live or virtually
  • Compliments a wide variety of other offerings