Our licensing program is flexible and robust.

There are two ways to be licensed to offer Coach2Lead to your clients:

  • Facilitated 1-1 Training with a Live Client

  • Group Training

The Facilitated 1-1 Training approach is for a coach or consultant who has a client that is ready to bring coaching as a leadership skill to their organization.

Simply contact us to arrange for a private, confidential discussion about your opportunity and we will work with you to help sell the client organization on a customized training program that meets their needs.

You will be assigned a personal master coach who will work hand-in-hand with you to deliver your first Coach2lead program, while personally overseeing your mastery of the material.

Upon successful completion of the facilitated training, you will be granted a license to take Coach2lead to other organizations on your own.

This approach has several advantages including:

  • Licensing costs can be bundled into the client training which eliminates your financial risk
  • Personalized coaching and mentoring from your master coach helps you quickly master the material
  • You are helped every step of the way: from sales & marketing through delivery and successful completion

The Group Training option is similar to most licensing or certification program you have experienced.

Several times each year we run group training to become licensed to facilitate and deliver the Coach2Lead performance coaching program.

Certification in a group is effective and fun. You are matched with one or two other licensees who become your program-long learning buddies.

Coaching and coach-training is something you learn through practice and application, not by reading books or watching videos. Your buddy sessions are a crucial part of the blended learning approach we take with Coach2Lead and Coach2Lead licensing training.

Licensees tell us they appreciate these aspects of our group licensing training:

  • Program is entirely virtual- no travel expenses or hassle
  • Content is delivered online, asynchronously- you study at a time convenient to you on your computer, smart phone or tablet
  • Buddy practice work allows them to learn and practice with a trusted partner in a safe, supportive environment- at a time convenient to their busy schedules
  • A master trainer oversees all aspects of your learning and licensing, from kick-off to completion and all points in between
  • The blended learning/flipped classroom approach maximizes learning with minimum time commitment of approximately 2-3 hours/ week invested over 12 consecutive weeks