Scalable Training Solution: Executive Training and Coaching for Large Organizations

Coach2Lead is built to be easily delivered and supported in-house. When developing coaching champions, trainers and facilitators, performance coaching is a skill that is both easily learned and taught.

Everything you need to facilitate the program is provided.

Executive Coaching is the #1 Leadership Skill. Use your current executive leaders to bring executive coaching to your organization. 

You don’t need a cadre of people with advanced coaching certifications to cultivate a culture of coaching across your organization.

We provide all the tools necessary for anyone who wants to teach performance coaching to train managers in the skill of performance coaching. In-house Coach2Lead facilitators can be recruited from the following ranks:

  • Coach champions- business leaders who have learned the skill of performance coaching and who are called to develop those skills in their peers and throughout their organization
  • HR and training professionals who lead other corporate trainings

Recruit coach champions from among the first executive leaders trained.

Some of the best ambassadors for performance coaching as a leadership skill are recruited from the initial first cohort of executive leaders who adopt coaching as a primary leadership skill.

Many experienced executive leaders tell us that coaching is the most important leadership skill they have ever learned. They have experienced firsthand the benefits of becoming a people developer first and a problem solver second.

Coach2Lead is best rolled out at the top level of the organization, by the top executive leaders across the organization.

Top level executives and initial adopters of performance coaching have the experience and credibility to advocate for this new way of leading.

Executive coach champions from the leader ranks tell us that training others to coach is one of the more rewarding ways to add value to their roles.

Because they have already been through the program themselves, and because Coach2Lead provides turn-key facilitation materials, there is minimal time investment required to train others.

Equip your training and/or HR staff to lead the programs.

If you have dedicated staff whose role it is to provide leadership skills, we have program designed to learn performance coaching while also learning how to facilitate the program for others. With this approach, your entire staff of training professionals can come up to speed in just twelve short weeks. The program includes complete immersion in Coach2Lead student materials and everything you need to facilitate the program for others once you have completed the training.

Train-the-Trainer Program Outline:

Week 1Coach2Lead Facilitators Kick-off
Week 2Review modules Intro & 1, buddy meeting
Week 3Review module 2 & buddy practice
Week 4Review module 3 & buddy practice
Week 5Master Facilitator Q&A, Supervised Practice, and Facilitation tips
Week 6Review module 4 & buddy practice
Week 7Review module 5 & buddy practice
Week 8Master Facilitator Q&A, Supervised Practice, and Facilitation tips
Week 9Review module 6 & buddy practice
Week 10Review module 7 & buddy practice
Week 11Master Facilitator Q&A, Supervised Practice, and Facilitation tips
Week 12Program Graduation & Celebration

Complete, Turn-Key Blended Learning Program

Whichever approach you choose, your Coach2Lead in-house facilitation team will have access to all of the following:

  • Six interactive learning modules teach the content essential to learning the skill of performance coaching.
    • Module 1: The Business & Scientific Case for Coaching
    • Module 2: Core Skill: Artful Questioning
    • Module 3: Core Skill: Artful Listening
    • Module 4: Coaching Conversations: Developing People
    • Module 5: Coaching Follow-Up: Creating Habits
    • Module 6: Career Coaching: Retaining the Best People
  • Comprehensive coaching field guides with each module includes interactive coaching diary to document learning and insights.
  • Peer-to-Peer coaching-buddy practice sessions help leaders clear the “coaching discomfort hurdle”, making performance coaching a natural part of their leadership style.
  • On-the-Job practice assignments encourage applying new skills produces immediate, real-world results.
  • Roleplay demonstrations model effective performance coaching conversations.
  • Additional resource links for each module deepen knowledge and encourage the life-long development of coaching and listening skills.
  • Three master facilitator sessions- with opportunities for Q&A, Supervised Practice, and Facilitation best practices & tips.
  • 17 facilitation support videos:
    • What is Performance Coaching? (and what is it not)
    • Why & How Performance Coaching Transforms Leaders & Cultures
    • Gaining buy-in: Promoting the value of Coach2Lead and a culture of coaching
    • Making the Most of Coaching Buddies
    • Facilitating in a virtual environment
    • Facilitating with recorded modules (flipped classroom)
    • Facilitating live using the PowerPoint presentations
    • Leveraging blended learning and flipped classroom
    • Program logistics communications & scheduling
    • Facilitating a program kick-off and Module #1
    • Facilitating Module #2
    • Facilitating Module #3
    • Facilitating Module #4
    • Facilitating Module #5
    • Facilitating Module #6
    • Facilitating a program completion and Module #7
    • How to use the role play videos

Learning Outcomes

No matter which in-house approach you employ, Coach2Lead Train-the-Trainer delivers these outcomes:

  • Facilitators can successfully teach how to apply the performance coach approach to everyday work issues.
  • Facilitators can successfully teach the differences between coaching and other leadership styles, and make satisfactory judgments about when and how to apply the coach approach.
  • Facilitators can successfully teach how to apply the coach approach in career development/performance conversations to decrease turnover and improve retention.


These sessions have been more robust and beneficial than other leadership development programs I’ve been through.

-AVP, Finance, Community Bank

Coaching is our future. It is the only way we will be able to meet our aggressive growth goals.

-Managing Director and Program Participant

We invested in teaching all of our leaders to become better coaches using the Coach2Lead program. We wanted to foster our culture and values that have made us successful with our clients for years. Many of our leaders have been with us for decades and they know and embody what we call The Anderson Way. While masters in their craft, they may not have had the communication and leadership skills needed to pass on their legacy to the next level and down to the front line. As employers, we felt responsible for investing in our team’s leadership and communications skills in a holistic way to set them up for success and get everyone on the same page. That is why we brought in this leadership development approach. Our leaders very quickly embraced the program, once they saw how practical and aligned it was with the way we have always done things here. Now, they can pass on their legacy and we all benefit from more employee engagement, retention of talent, and better results and performance.

~ Taylor Anderson, Director of Marketing, Anderson Aluminum

It can be very challenging to create a high performing team of leaders spread across seven countries. They were able to customize a program that everyone was happy and comfortable with. I would not hesitate to utilize their services again!! They are exceptional!

-Sr. Director of Division and Project Sponsor

This program has been a huge help in my growth as a leader!

-VP, Director of Commercial Banking

We saw a marked increase in our team cohesion, which was critical given our organization was going through major changes.

-Managing Director and Program Participant

This is the single most impactful leadership skill I have ever learned.

– Participant and End User