Disengaged Employees Prevent Growth & Drain Resources

Every organization faces the same essential challenge: how to create a culture of high employee engagement. Gallup has estimated that employee disengagement costs the US economy as much as $350 billion every year.  The decreased productivity of each disengaged employee costs each employer $3,400 to $10,000 in salary. But the real damage is far more than wasted salaries:

  • Disengaged employees undermine the good work of their more engaged co-workers.
  • Disengagement creates a culture of complaints and excuses for missed deadlines and poor results. 
  • Disengaged employees hurt sales and customer service with their cynicism and negativity.

Unintended Consequences of Antiquated Management Theories

Our understanding of human motivation, productivity and engagement have moved far beyond antiquated theories like command and control management and Frederick Taylor’s scientific management, yet the majority of organizational cultures still suffer from hierarchy, bureaucracy, and the myriad of disengaging side effects of leadership approaches based on the maintenance of authority and limited delegation of decision making.

The dismal state of employee engagement is a constant reminder that our old ways of managing produce terrible dysfunctional and unintended consequences. Yet for many, the path out of this mess is unclear.

While there are no easy answers or one-size-fits-all solutions, there is one clear and simple leadership approach that is an antidote to the disease of disengagement: performance coaching.

Performance Coaching Inspires an Accountability & Ownership Mindset

Managers that learn performance coaching find it is one of the quickest ways to engage employees in solving their own dilemmas. They quickly see that that their primary contribution is not in solving problems, but rather in developing their people to solve their own problems.

When leaders engage employees with deep listening and insightful questions, the employees themselves can come to those “aha” moments that generate excitement and motivation. Performance coaching helps the employee solve their own dilemma and find the best solutions to their own problems. This is how performance coaching inspires an accountability and ownership mindset in all employees.

A coaching approach to leadership is the best antidote to the unintended consequences of outdated command and control “scientific” management approaches that treated people and organizations as machines and placed trust and authority in the hands of precious few. Today’s global economy demands that we harness the best thinking and focused action of each employee.

Coaching Grows People and Businesses

The magic of performance coaching is that it brings out the very best in people. Leaders who coach are focused on developing the thinking of their employees and this is what unleashes the best thinking and focused action of each employee. The result is growth- both in people and the results they produce.

The research is clear: leaders who coach and develop their people create better results than those that do not know how to coach. So if you want to grow your business, you’ve got to learn coach and develop your people.

Coach2Lead is designed to bring the skill of performance coaching to your entire leadership team. When everyone learns to coach, you create a culture of growth and development where every individual is contributing their best- and that translates into bottom-line success. Isn’t it time you left behind out-dated command and control management and learned how to develop people through coaching? 

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