Coach2Lead is a flexible learning system designed to be delivered in a variety of ways to meet the demands of different audiences.

Coach2Lead is delivered in an online learning platform. Available on computer, laptop, mobile, or tablet.

Built for Global Scalability

Coach2Lead was built to create a coaching culture in a diverse global organization spread across the globe. Designed for busy leaders, the program is delivered in bite-sized modules with supporting structures to encourage immediate on-the-job application. Designed to scale, the program includes complete facilitation support materials to empower in-house staff to deliver the program and sustain the culture of coaching. The benefit of this design is that it works well for any size organization. 

Delivered by Certified Facilitators or In-House Trained Staff

In large organizations, our Certified Facilitators usually work with the senior team and the first group or two of coaching champions who are going to be responsible for spreading the training across the organization.

Our train-the-trainer program and materials are designed to empower internal training staff or other leader coach champions to spread performance coaching skills and mindset across the organization and sustain a culture of coaching. With this approach, even the largest of organizations can create a culture of coaching within a few dedicated years.

Fully Customizable

We have kept all materials easy to customize, both for branding purposes and to meet the special needs of various organizations.

Self-Study & Public Program Options

While most of our clients bring the program in-house to work with all leaders across their organization, Coach2Lead is also available in an online self-study program and through occasional public programs offered by our Certified Facilitators for individual leaders who wish to take advantage of the many benefits of performance coaching.

5 Example Delivery Options for In-House Groups

Listed below are 5 of the most common ways the Coach2Lead program is offered inside organizations. You can see the program is highly flexible and limited in delivery only by your needs and imagination.

Option 1: 6 Month Senior Team Cohesion Program

Coach2Lead was built to create coaching cultures within organizations. For that to happen, change must start at the top. Our programs for senior leadership teams are usually customized to meet the needs of the top team. The desire to create a coaching culture is often accompanied by an effort to increase senior team cohesion & collaboration. Using Coach2Lead as a core curriculum, we add 1-1 executive coaching and group coaching to achieve the desired shifts in senior team cohesion over a 6 month focused engagement.

Option 2: Executive Retreat Coaching Fast-Track Program

Many organizations like to kick-off their transformation to a coaching culture as part of an annual executive retreat. Coach2Lead can be introduced in a ½ day or full-day session, jump-starting the adoption of the coaching mindset and shortening the time to adopt performance coaching as a leadership style to as short as 9 weeks.

Option 3: 20 Week High Potential Leadership Development Program

Learning performance coaching as a leadership style is a popular focus for high–potential leadership development programs designed to prepare an organization’s up and coming leaders for greater responsibilities. These programs also typically include other elements such as 1-1 coaching and action-learning groups designed to develop collaboration and team thinking.

Option 4: 14 Week Live Leadership Development Program

Perhaps the simplest way to deliver Coach2Lead is to gather a group to meet live in-person and facilitate the learning modules sequentially. Program content is covered on odd weeks, and even weeks are reserved for peer-to-peer buddy coaching practice. This same format can be used with a group located in different facilities using webinar technology.

Option 5: 12 Week Virtual Leadership Development Program

Using recorded content and the “flipped classroom” approach, the entire Coach2Lead curriculum can be learned in a 12 week program. Participants review content on their own time, and group meetings are reserved for coaching practice. This is the most efficient way to scale Coach2Lead across global organizations.


These sessions have been more robust and beneficial than other leadership development programs I’ve been through.

-AVP, Finance, Community Bank

We saw a marked increase in our team cohesion, which was critical given our organization was going through major changes.

-Managing Director and Program Participant

Coaching is our future. It is the only way we will be able to meet our aggressive growth goals.

-Managing Director and Program Participant

It can be very challenging to create a high performing team of leaders spread across seven countries. They were able to customize a program that everyone was happy and comfortable with. I would not hesitate to utilize their services again!! They are exceptional!

-Sr. Director of Division and Project Sponsor

This is the single most impactful leadership skill I have ever learned.

– Participant and End User

This program has been a huge help in my growth as a leader!

-VP, Director of Commercial Banking

We invested in teaching all of our leaders to become better coaches using the Coach2Lead program. We wanted to foster our culture and values that have made us successful with our clients for years. Many of our leaders have been with us for decades and they know and embody what we call The Anderson Way. While masters in their craft, they may not have had the communication and leadership skills needed to pass on their legacy to the next level and down to the front line. As employers, we felt responsible for investing in our team’s leadership and communications skills in a holistic way to set them up for success and get everyone on the same page. That is why we brought in this leadership development approach. Our leaders very quickly embraced the program, once they saw how practical and aligned it was with the way we have always done things here. Now, they can pass on their legacy and we all benefit from more employee engagement, retention of talent, and better results and performance.

~ Taylor Anderson, Director of Marketing, Anderson Aluminum